Single Pass UV Printing - VSP1400

Single Pass Printing at Unbelievable Speeds!

Suwanee, GA, September 29, 2017 — Vanguard Digital announce the a breakthrough in speed and high production Single pass printing for the sign industry.

Vanguard will have a hands-on management approach, a deep understanding of what is truly important to the customer, and the knowledge and experience to deliver an effective solution.

VSP1400 Features & Benefits
The FIRST EVER Single Pass UV Digital Press - Delivering exceptional speed and quality! ULTRA High-resolution "waterfall" inkjet technology produces amazing images at speeds up to 9,420 ft2/hr. The VSP1400 is built with variable drop grayscale technology simultaneously jets 8 drop sizes for breathtaking detail up to 1800dpi. Prints to a variety of traditional signage material (foam-board, recycled paper, coroplast, etc. LED curing technology provides maximum instantaneous curing at the lowest electrical cost possible. Print boards up to 48" W x 104" L with auto loading and precise pinpoint registration. Optional material auto-feeding & stacking unit available for virtually hands-free productivity.

About Vanguard Digital Printing Systems

VAN•GUARD /van•gärd/ (noun): “A group of people leading the way in new developments and ideas” is what we have always believed in. Now we are making that definition even more of a reality.

We have designed a fresh new product, have a strong belief in what we are doing and want to include as many people as we can to be part of our group and our growth.

With industry leading features and two different upgradeable printer platforms, your success with Vanguard Digital Printing Systems will be quickly realized.

We look forward to working with you and your team in developing a mutually beneficial long term relationship.

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