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Spring  | May 18-20

Summer   |  August 18-20

Fall   |  Nov 9-11

Winter   |   Dec 8-10

We are only accepting 8 people at a time. You must provide proof of your COVID vaccine in order to attend.
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    When should we use leading + trailing lamps and 100% intensity?
    Answer: Leading + Trailing lamps and 100% intensity should be used at all times for maximum cure. The only reason to not use Leading+Trailing is when you are going for a gloss effect (Leading Lamps) or when the media starts to buckle and warp from the heat of the lamps. Our Vanguard Digital support team can advise on which setting is best for you.

    When should filters be changed?
    Answer: Filters are recommended to be changed every 6 months or 13 liters of ink, whichever comes first.

    Can I used expired ink?
    Answer: No. It is not recommended to use ink that has expired.

    Do I turn off my printer at night?
    Answer: No. The printer should remain on at all times.

    How often should I purge my heads?
    Answer: We recommend purging your printheads on average every 4 hours.

    How do I know when I need to add more ink?
    Answer: Sensors in the main tank will indicate low ink and an alarm will notify you to refill.

    How can I achieve color accuracy?
    Answer: We provide generic profiles with the purchase of your machine. In addition to the profiles we provide, we also work with world-class color profilers for advanced color accuracy. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

    Can I move my printer?
    Answer: It is recommended that a certified Vanguard Digital service engineer be on-site to reposition your printer.

    Can I service my own machine?
    Answer: Yes, we train and and encourage our customers to service and maintain their own printers. We offer multiple resources as well as host a free 3 day training workshop once a quarter. You may register under the Workshop section on the Customer Care page.

    Can I source my own ink?
    Answer: Vanguard Digital is committed to providing you with the best solution in every aspect of your printer. We supply a range of ink series and will discuss what is best for you. Purchasing ink from other vendors may cause devastating damage to your printheads and is not covered under Vanguard Digital warranty.


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