HANDS DOWN! The fastest, most reliable 5′ x 10′ flatbed printer on the market…at a price that won’t break the bank! If you own a sign shop, commercial printing business, manufacturing company, architectural firm or any other company where performance and quality are a necessity… Than the VK300D is the perfect printer for you! With a configurable carriage design, from 2 – 10 printheads, you can start at the production speeds you need and easily add printheads as your demand grows.


The vanguard digital printing systems new VT3200 textile printer changes the playing field for large format textile printers. With state-of-the-art printhead technology and a single load ink for both die sublimation and director fabric printing, downtime is a thing of the past. The latest Kyocera KJ4B aquas based printhead is the heartbeat of the BT2000. The KJ4B has a 2 channel designed to support two water based inks at a time. The small 4, 8, 12 picoliter size ensures tight dot placement for a vivid printed output.


The Vanguard Digital Printing Systems new VSP1400 is taking the industry by storm. A UV Digital printer that is blazingly fast and delivers exceptional quality has never been achieved...until now! With 4 different color banks consisting of 18 print heads per bank, full 4’ x 8’ boards sail through the printer at 12,420 sq.ft/hr. in express mode and 9,420 in production mode.

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