The Vanguard Digital Printing Systems new VSP1400 is taking the industry by storm. A UV Digital printer that is blazingly fast and delivers exceptional quality that has never been achieved...until now! With 4 different color banks consisting of 18 print heads per bank, full 4’ x 8’ boards sail through the printer at 23,040 sq.ft/hr. in express mode and 19,320 in production mode.

With the Available feeder and Stacker your team can run a job that would usually take 5 days on a traditional multi-pass printer and have it complete in under 4 hours. This changes the printing game. To be more competitive and deliver large production jobs the same or next day will amaze your customers and increase your profits.

See the Amazing Speed of the VSP1400 Digital Screen Press in Action

• Dimensions: 15'3"L x 8'6"W x 8'6"H
• Ink & Configuration: CMYK | UV Curable
• Print Head: Konica Minolta 1024i
• Max. Printing Width: 49"
• Max. Printing Speed: 23,040 sq.ft./hr.
• Max. Printing Resolution: 720 x 720 DPI
• Max. Media Thickness: 1.5 inches
• Printable Media: Traditional signage substrates
• Curing Method: LED
• On board Software: Proprietary VDPS Controller
• RIP Software: Onyx or Caldera [current version]
• Image F ormat: PDF, JPEG, TIF F, EPS, etc.
• Electrical: 3-phase 480v 100a/ 1-Phase 220v 30a
• Environment: 77°F - 87°F @ 60% Humidity

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